Environmental-protection projects

Special funding in 2015: get an extra €500 for your conservation project

Climate change is an omnipresent topic these days – in politics, society and daily life. RWE as a power company has a special responsibility towards the environment. Our volunteers are facing up to this responsibility in many different projects – here, we would like to provide special funding in 2015.

Whether climate, forest, water or animal protection: We provide an extra €500 in funding for projects that make an active contribution to environmental protection. On the occasion of this year's United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris we dedicate 2015 to conservation projects. Demonstrating the energy to lead and working together for the environment – with our support!

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Special funding is provided for projects that work to the benefit of our environment in the long term. There are many different ways you can help protect the environment, for example:

  • Animal protection: install an insect hotel, build a bat house,
  • Water protection: remove garbage from lakes, rewild the course of a stream, …
  • Forest protection: plant new trees in a biotope area, free areas from tall herbaceous plants, …

Projects that only serve a landscaping purpose are excluded from funding: landscape the outside area of a multigenerational house, perform gardening work at a day nursery, …