Social commitment

As a leading energy company, RWE Group is also exemplary in its sense of corporate social responsibility. “People Make It Possible”: every day, our motto is enthusiastically put into practice on a scale by our dedicated employees during their leisure time. The team at COMPANiUS initiates, coordinates and supports the voluntary work of RWE/innogy employees throughout the Group. Thousands of charitable organisations profit from our sustainable corporate volunteering in the areas of know-how, energy, nature, animals, crafts, care, development aid, culture and sport.

Personal commitment, sustainable support

More and more voluntary helpers from RWE Group are enjoying giving their time to others and broadening their horizons. They apply their skills outside of the workplace, take responsibility, solve urgent problems for other people or organisations and have the opportunity to get to know other colleagues. The Group supports the commitment and self-initiative of its employees by providing financial support for their projects. The Group also continually provides new opportunities – from long-term projects to innovative two-hour volunteering activities for busy individuals.

Corporate volunteering is extremely popular as a joint initiative and the concept is being expanded with great determination. In our TeamAktiv projects, groups and even entire departments are joining forces to lend a helping hand. By doing so, they are also fostering their social skills in the workplace, broadening their career prospects and developing their team skills. Their volunteering creates benefits for society – and it’s also a lot of fun. A number of these projects are also supported by the HR Development department.

COMPANiUS creates a bridge between work and private life as well as between the company and society. It enables RWE/innogy employees to act as committed individuals with a public spirit – and as ambassadors for the company.