Project for and with elderly people

Special funding: an additional € 500 for your project for and with elderly people

In old age, a great many things become more difficult – we probably all know that from our own families. It is therefore all the more pleasing for old people to get attention and support. This is a great challenge for our society. At the same time, it is a rewarding task for our RWE Companius volunteers as well as charitable institutions.

Striking a balance between professional career and private life is an important task faced by the RWE Staff World. This also includes the subject of "care services" which is supported by the RWE Career & Family team. As all pillars of RWE's Staff World are closely interlocked, RWE Companius has decided to tackle this topic this year as it is crucial for both the society as a whole and for our employees. We provide an additional € 500 in special funding for each project that is aimed at supporting and working with elderly people. A lot of money to make a lot of difference!

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The special funding for care services is aimed at elderly people who are in need of help or care, such as neighbours or inhabitants of a care home. Official categories such as care levels are irrelevant. What is decisive is that you enjoy helping and love your volunteering project, bringing a little bit of joy into the lives of elderly people. There are many different ways of how to take care. For example:

  • Everyday care - helping to wash, dress, do one's hair or go shopping
  • Own four walls - barrier-free home modifications
  • Sharing activities / providing mental stimulus - game night, theatre project at an old people's home, leisure outing
  • Please note: the focus in 2013 was on projects including people with disabilities. These projects will receive regular funding in 2014, i.e. they will not receive any special funding.