Projects of inclusion

Special funding: An additional € 500 for your project supporting people with disabilities

For RWE COMPANiUS it is a wonderful task to include people with disabilities in all aspects of life and thus give them new zest for life. It is an important topic for all of society, for welfare organisations and even for our Group. In 2012, RWE recruited 13 youths with disabilities as apprentices at its location in Essen alone. At the meeting of the Group's representatives for disabled employees in November 2012, Peter Terium, Chief Executive Officer of RWE AG, and the other participants were in agreement: It is not a matter of quotas but of equality of opportunity and integration. That is why they would not rest and be content with these figures.

So it was only logical for us to choose inclusion as RWE COMPANiUS’ main topic for 2013. Under the auspices of Guido Hertel, RWE Group representative for disabled employees, we will provide an additional € 500 of special funding for each project on inclusion. Team projects will thus have a chance to be funded with € 2,500 in total.

RWE COMPANiUS honours most exemplary projects on inclusion

In addition to the special funding of € 500, a special award will be granted to selected inclusion projects: To honour our volunteers’ commitment for people with disabilities, RWE COMPANiUS will grant awards to the most interesting, significant or innovative projects. The jury which comprises Guido Hertel, Christina Ostkamp (Head of Industrial Relations at RWE AG), Emmo Kawald (Head of Social Services at RWE Service GmbH) and a representative of the RWE COMPANiUS team will announce the award winners at the end of 2013.

Have a look at the examples and register your project!

Wherever volunteers help and support people with and without disabilities to live together, inclusion has become real. We are looking for your integrative volunteering project, jointly or in a team, be it in your direct neighbourhood, in a foreign country or at your place of work! Let yourself be inspired by the following examples:

  • An outing with disabled people
  • Project week in an integrative kindergarten
  • Renovation of a home for people with disabilities
  • Spring festival at an integrative school
  • Barrier-free design of a hiking trail
  • Sports meeting for people with and without mental disabilities
  • RWE-internal projects such as redesigning the workplace of a colleague with disabilities*
  • etc.

* In the case of internal inclusion projects, the special funding will be donated to a welfare organisation for disabled people selected by the volunteer.