Kopfverleih news: record participation

The world’s fastest voluntary assignment proves a more magnetic attraction year by year: 28 volunteers from 10 different companies lent new impetus to 3 charitable organizations - 16 of the participants were newcomers. The brainstorming session on 27 June was chaired with great aplomb. Two hours flew by as the ideas came thick and fast.

The Zeitzeugenbörse: oral history in Mülheim

ZeitZeugen members share a treasury of experience which they record for posterity. The history through which they have lived becomes a culture of recollection. “How can we enthuse more people for our work and interest new target groups?” was the wording of the task - a tall order for the volunteers. Brigitte Reuss and Elke Kurschat of ZeitZeugen were delighted with the results: “Reams of suggestions, so many good ideas!!“ Examples are co-operation with the press and a website, a newsletter and video documentaries, advertising for members at the hospital, tips for sponsorship money …

Protestant Children’s Centre Am Brandenbusch, Essen: mainstreaming children with special needs

The centre for disabled and healthy children is planning an outdoor play paradise on the premises. “How can we use this to strengthen parents’ identification with the centre and attract others, such as the parents of tomorrow?” was the question posed by Kathrin Becker to the volunteers. Their imaginative suggestions ranged from a splashing stream to a “pat and stroke” experience with dogs. Participants contributed valuable suggestions on how to involve the children’s ideas and feelings directly. “Today, above all, I’ve recognized the importance of a structured communication plan,” noted Kathrin gratefully. “The experience was a genuine eye-opener.”

Lebenshilfe Essen e.V.

Lebenshilfe Essen seeks to integrate mentally handicapped people into our everyday society. “They have skills and enjoy working. How can we create jobs for them, where their services are in demand?” Petra Ross and Christian Zaremba wanted to know. In the lively brainstorming session, the RWE COMPANiUS volunteers came up with creative marketing ideas: achieve integration by starting up their own service company, a billboard campaign with encouraging motifs, part-time jobs for people with handicaps, original presences at job fairs or “traineeships in reverse,” to get to know how the mentally handicapped work. “The Kopfverleih was extremely inspiring, just fantastic,” enthused Petra. “Now we know where to start.”

“I was pleased to be able to contribute a few ideas on each topic.”

Marco Viertmann, RWE Power AG, a first-time participant

“My second Kopfverleih was super once again. See you next time.“

Caroline Wiese, RWE Supply & Trading GmbH

“A worthwhile expanding of horizons for both sides.“

Daniel Schieritz, RWE Deutschland AG, a first-time participant

“Fantastic, creative counterbalance to work: it’s just so practical to be able to do something good in such a short time.“

Alexander Wilde, RWE Service GmbH, a first-time participant.