Help & Tips

What does RWE COMPANiUS Web offer me?

The website is our communication platform and the most important medium of the huge “RWE COMPANiUS family”. This is where you will find the latest projects and activities as well as all the interesting facts about RWE COMPANiUS. The website also supports you in the self-organisation of your projects.

You can access the website at all times:

  • At your workstation via RWE intranet (homepage – company – involvement – RWE COMPANiUS). If you are unable to find us in the usual place, please call us at +49 (0)201/12-15122
  • At home via (registration via log-in)

Registration, access, project registration

When and how can I register?
As an RWE employee, you can register at any time.

  • On the RWE intranet
  • On the internet at

Can I also register without a specific project?
Your registration is always welcome, whether you are already involved in voluntary work or are simply interested.
How do I register a project?
You can find the application for funding straight away on our homepage and under “Take part”. Please note: there is one application for individual projects and one for team projects (five people or more). Send your project application online, or send/fax a printed copy to 

Opernplatz 1
45128 Essen

What are the requirements for a team project?
At least five RWE employees must take part. Please select the application forfunding for team projects.
When will I find out whether or not my project is going to receive financial support?
Once your project has been checked, you will generally receive a written notification within two weeks.

Funding and taking part

How high is the funding provided by RWE COMPANiUS?
The amount of funding provided for a project is between 500 and 2,000 euros. The amount is determined using objective funding criteria.

Number of funded projects

  • Every approved project will receive funding; employees can have up to three projects funded per year.
  • The same project can be funded up to three times over a longer period of time (e.g. the annual summer party or an inclusive school).

What can be funded?
We support a wide range of activities from the fields of knowledge, energy, nature, animals, crafts, care, development aid, culture and sport. Whether it’s an initiative, association or club or social project – the most important requirement is your personal involvement.
Who decides which projects will be funded?
RWE COMPANiUS makes the decision concerning project funding neutrally, in accordance with applicable criteria.
How can I check whether or not my project meets the requirements of RWE COMPANiUS?
If you want to apply for funding for a project, you should be able to answer “yes” to the following questions:

  • Does the voluntary project fulfil a socially relevant purpose?
  • Am I actively involved in the project, which is for a defined period of time?
  • Alternatively: Am I continuously and personally active for this good cause?
  • Can the results of my involvement be documented and tracked?
  • Is my involvement in compliance with the applicable laws?

Which projects cannot be funded?
Financial support cannot be provided if the project, for example,

  • Is connected to a political party
  • Pursues commercial intentions
  • Is of a missionary nature
  • Does not have any identifiable social benefits

How can I be sure that my project fulfils the compliance guidelines?
Compliance with laws and regulations is the top priority for RWE COMPANiUS projects.
As per corporate guidelines, your data will be collected in the Compliance IT Tool (CITT).
You can read what you need to take into consideration in order to prevent corruption in the RWE Compliance Guidelines and the Code of Conduct:

Compliance in the RWE Intranet

Code of conduct in the RWE intranet

Course of the project

Do I have to take into account any special regulations during the project work?
It is important that you come back from the project as healthy as you were when you started it.

  • When using technical equipment, you are obligedto familiarise yourself with the operating instructions beforehand and, if necessary, to wear the appropriate protective clothing. Furthermore, first aid equipment must be available on site.
  • For nature conservation projects, RWE Occupational Health and Safety recommends that you wear safety shoes.

When will the funding for the project be paid?
The donation is generally transferred within four weeks after the bank details have been received.