Energy Projects 2012

Pro bono projects relating to (renewable) energy sources are wholly in line with our corporate approach - and a cause which we hold dear. That is why we made this the keynote theme for RWE COMPANiUS last year. Energy projects launched in 2012 each received a special grant of EUR 500. Read all about the wide variety of initiatives completed or begun by your colleagues last year! There was something of everything, from climate-friendly renovations to sophisticated solar plants and energy-charged children’s parties.

Swapping suits for overalls

Even RWE CEOs are active on site: on 20 December, the three CEOs, Peter Terium (RWE AG), Dr. Arndt Neuhaus (RWE Deutschland AG) and Dr. Johannes Lambertz (previously RWE Power AG) rolled up their sleeves. During a joint project of RWE Aktiv vor Ort (“Active on Site”) and RWE COMPANiUS they installed two LED street lamps on the site of St. Gereon, a Caritas children and youth welfare centre. The solar-powered lamps will shed proper light on the centre at Bergheim in a sustainable way. "That's a nice gift for the 50 kids living here, and also for our staff. We are happy that RWE has committed to supporting our centre", Veit Schmitz, the centre’s manager, expressed his thanks. With the help of three employees from RWE’s Niederaußem power plant, the volunteers filled the foundations of the lamp posts with concrete and mounted the solar modules and LED lights at a height of five metres above the ground. “Energy supply is a basic need. With our social commitment in this area, we want to demonstrate that we are fully aware of this fact", underlined Peter Terium.

Exploring energy together
If you are learning to handle electricity cleverly, it’s best to start young. This was the idea of five staff-members, vocational trainees and trainers from enviaM. Their team project “Exploring Energy” delighted the children at Sonnenblume nursery in Chemnitz for a whole day. What is electricity made from? How does it get to the plug? How do we treat it properly? The experts conveyed their message to their young audience through play and display - and the children experimented eagerly. “We had such fun with each other. It was refreshing to view the subject of electricity through different eyes for once, with the children, and give free rein to our curiosity,” reflects Project Leader Korinna Heintze.
Clever technology: solar power for children’s home in Kenya
“A fantastic project!” Ewald Schillert (RWE Deutschland AG) looks back on his Africa trip with enthusiasm. With local helpers, he installed and commissioned a photovoltaic power plant for the Kenyan children’s home “Dala mar Geno.”
The plant is complete with failsafe battery back-up for night-time operation. Giving three weeks of his time, the RWE COMPANiUS volunteer set up a secure power supply. This is extremely important for the home’s refrigerators. These store the expensive medicines, requiring constant cooling, for the children who are AIDS patients. The lighting, too, uses solar electricity.
A container full of electric cables, circuit-breakers and inverters, control cabinets and tools had already been shipped, using the grant money paid by RWE COMPANiUS. To sum up, this is a sustainable energy project which was a pleasure not only for our colleague Ewald Schillert, who adds: “The 68 children and their carers were extremely happy.”
2012 energy projects in brief:

  • Renovation of a clubhouse in Bergheim, RWE Power AG
  • Construction of a solar power supply for the Kenyan children’s home “Dala mar Geno,” RWE Deutschland AG
  • Installation of a mini-pitch with artificial turf in Dülmen, RWE Vertrieb AG
  • Installation of a photovoltaic power plant in Bendorf, KEVAG
  • Organisation of the spring fair with games on the theme of renewable energy at the Helen Keller School in Essen, which integrates disabled children, RWE Deutschland AG
  • Construction of an aquaponic plant and solar heating in Warstein, RWE Vertrieb AG
  • Energy project day at the 2012 Sunday school camp in Kolwitz for children from low-income households, enviaM
  • Renovation of a youth club in Halbendorf, enviaM
  • Energy upgrade of a children and young people’s facility in Bad Liebenwerda, enviaM
  • Heat insulation of a multi-purpose building in Schönewalde, enviaM
  • Improvement of energy efficiency at Buchloe skating rink, Lechwerke AG
  • Energy-efficient conversion of a clubhouse in Thumen, enviaM
  • Clubhouse renovation in Essen, RWE Vertrieb AG
  • Energy(-saving) foxes – an initiative for primary school pupils from Otterwisch to explore forms of energy, enviaM
  • Installation and erection of a playground in Hachenburg, KEVAG
  • Construction of a kitchen at a children’s day centre in Bad Münstereifel, RWE Vertrieb AG
  • Installation of an electric cooker for children in Euskirchen, RWE Vertrieb AG
  • Construction of a heat-insulated air gun shooting range in Niederzier, RWE Power AG
  • Renewal and extension of the electrical system at a children’s day centre in Wimmelburg, enviaM
  • Installation of floodlighting in Leichlingen, RWE Deutschland AG
  • Insulation of an Essen sports hall, RWE Effizienz GmbH
  • Installation of two photovoltaic plants in Bagamoyo and Korogwe (Tanzania), RWE Deutschland AG
  • Theme day “Lignite-Fired Power Generation“ in Treis-Karden, RWE IT GmbH
  • Construction of a solar heating plant in Parum, enviaM
  • Children’s project day “Exploring Energy” in Chemnitz, enviaM
  • Energy presentation in a Bad Münstereifel primary school, RWE Vertrieb AG
  • Installation of LED solar lighting in a children’s home in Bergheim, RWE Power AG
  • Construction of a water playground with water wheels in Niederahr, KEVAG
  • Installation of an efficient ventilation and lighting system in a Koblenz children’s day centre, KEVAG
  • Assembly and construction of an air heat collector for the pavilion of a school  in Montabaur, KEVAG