RWE colleague nominates RWE Companius for German Prize for Civic Engagement 2014

Our sustained commitment is not only appreciated by charitable organisations - our volunteers also take pride in RWE Companius. Oliver Rösner (RWE IT GmbH) has nominated us for the German Prize for Civic Engagement 2014.

His reasoning: “For years, RWE Companius has been bringing together people from all over the world through volunteer activities. With their commitment and self-initiative, employees have been creating a bridge between professional career and private life. Spontaneous ideas thus often lead to great initiatives and employees, as corporate champions, strengthen the company in the long term.“

We wish to express our sincerest thanks for the nomination! The winners will be selected by an expert jury and announced in Berlin on 5 December. Keep your fingers crossed!

RWE Companius wins “Engagement of the Year 2013“ award

It was suspense all the way, and the finale ended with a big bang: In the public vote on the “Engagement of the Year 2013“ award, which is granted annually by the NRW Ministry for Family Affairs, RWE Companius took the first place in the category “Entrepreneurial Engagement”. Our thanks go to all those who voted for us and made this great success possible in the first place. The award which was handed over by State Secretary Bernd Neuendorf is a great honour for us. In line with our motto “People make it possible” we pass it on to our RWE volunteers with deep respect and appreciation. They naturally and modestly commit themselves – everyday and everywhere. It is therefore all the more pleasing to gain public recognition through the “Engagement of the Year” award.

The prize money of € 500 will be donated to the project “Betreuungspate“ (Godparent), which was developed by RWE Companius and RWE Career & Family jointly with Caritasverband für das Bistum Essen e. V., to train volunteers so that they are able to take care of and support elderly people in their daily routines. This enables us to efficiently support our objective of enhancing our sustained commitment in the field of “senior citizen care”.

RWE COMPANiUS Wins German Prize for Civil Engagement

It was festive, exciting and simply wonderful. On the Day of Volunteering the winner of the 2012 German Prize for Civil Engagement was asked on stage in Berlin. The winner in the category Business: RWE COMPANiUS. “The jury found a Corporate Volunteering Project deserving of the award, a project that promotes a culture of joint responsibility and brings it to life in an impressive manner,” says laudator Prof. Dr. Michael Hüther, Director of the Cologne Institute for Economic Research, in his justification of the award. Looking at the 13,000 committed RWE employees, he emphasized: “The mobilisation effect from these role models both internally and externally cannot be overstated.” A superb laudation, says Anja Kaczmarek from the RWE COMPANiUS Team. Beaming she, together with Georg Petrich, Managing Director of RWE Service GmbH, accepted the prize. With the highest award for social commitment in Germany in their hands, our volunteers have now received national recognition having been honored by prominent individuals and experts from culture, business and politics and an enthusiastic audience.

RWE COMPANiUS Distinguished with HR Excellence Award

Hard to believe: On the same day, RWE COMPANiUS received the highest honor for a second time. At the glamorous HR Excellence Awards ceremony in Berlin, we were the lucky winner in the category Employee Engagement. The prize was awarded for the first time and is given to companies with innovative Human Resources Projects. “A fabulous acknowledgement not only for our volunteers, but also for the idea and strategy of RWE COMPANiUS,” says a happy Emmo Kawald, Head of Social Benefits at RWE Service GmbH. With the award, our Corporate Volunteering was honored as an integrated concept: volunteer work combined with personnel development and team building, personal development and social impact both group-wide and internationally. Samira Stieber from RWE COMPANiUS Team: “We received this award on behalf of all partners in the Group. Our thanks go to them for building the bridge among people, companies and society“.

NEW! Certificate for your Volunteering

Good news: your community engagement through RWE COMPANiUS will now receive official recognition within RWE. Working with the Development Center, we have developed a form of certification. This means you receive an individual certificate for every voluntary assignment, in the form usual at RWE for a staff development measure. This innovation expresses sincere appreciation of your voluntary work. Above all, it is an endorsement of you personally.

The certification process also ensures that your voluntary work is automatically recorded in your training history. Your community engagement and active work for other people are thus made visible. So are the additional qualifications you have gained, which may further the development of your career.

After submission of a project application, we contact you with information on the certification process. We ask if you would like a certificate. If your answer is ‘yes,’ we send you your certificate on completion of your project. We are delighted to provide well-earned recognition for your practical deployment with RWE COMPANiUS. Certificates are now being completed for all projects since January 2012.


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